Graphic EQ
How to Use a Graphic Equalizer ?

The equalization, the EQ
2 types of EQ : the graphic EQ and the parametric EQ
Sound is made out of frequencies, explanation on a home PA with the low and high end.
Graphic EQ goes from 20Hz to 20kHz which match the earing range.
Low frequencies produced by an earthquake or the subway or that you can hear at a drum and bass party.
As older you get, as less you will hear hi frequencies. Exemples of a baby, a dog and a dolphin.
The logarithmic scale of a graphic EQ
The piano with the A being 440Hz and the double (880Hz) which is one more octave.
The use of the EQ on music, showing bass, mid and high frequencies.
A standard configuration of an EQ in a room with a left and right system.
Use of an EQ with a recent sound system, only used against feedback or if the room is difficult.
Use of an EQ on stage with monitors. Cut feedback by selecting the right frequency.
EQ on the Soundcraft Si Expression1, the Soundcraft VI400 and Yamaha QL5 (EQ rack settings)