How To Use A Compressor ?
Audio Compression Explained

I show how the audio compressor work on a graph which represents the sound level over time. The compressor acts on the sound level to automatically decrease it.

How do I adjust the compression level?

How to adjust the threshold on the compressor?

What is the ratio on a compressor?

How to adjut the ratio?

I give examples with a compression ratio of 2:1 (2 by 1) or more. The more you compress, the more you hear the effect of compression. At a maximum ratio, we turn the compressor into a limiter. How to setup a compressor for vocals? How to setup a compressor for drums? What is a limiter used for? Presentation of the attack and release times on a compressor limiter. Finally, the output level of the compressor or "output gain" which makes it possible to recover the level lost during sound compression and to return to a nominal sound level.

Compressor settings on the Yamaha QL5.

How to set a compressor on the Soundcraft VI4 (Soundcraft VI400)?

How to set a compressor on the Soundcraft Si Expression?

In this tutorial about audio compression, I hope you learn how to use a compressor, compress a voice or what, for example, are the right settings for drum compression.

How to use a compressor?

What to do with a compressor?

How to use an audio compressor?