How to use a Noise Gate ?
Audio Gate Explained

What is a noise gate?

A gate will mute or open the sound signal automatically. Like the compressor, it is a dynamic type of sound processing. The gate has a level adjustment called the threshold. The gate opens when the sound signal reaches this threshold. The noise gate is cut when the signal returns below the chosen sound level, below the threshold. The gate is little used in live concert. The gate is mainly used on the drums. We use the noise gate on the bass drum, the snare. The gate is often used on drum toms. The gate opens when the drummer hits a tom and the selected threshold is exceeded on the gate.

Compression and gate on the Yamaha QL5, adjusting the threshold, setting the "range" in decibels, attack, hold and decay times. Dynamic processing on the Soundcraft VI400 (upgrade of the Soundcraft VI4) and adjustment of the noise gate. Using the noise gate on the Soundcraft Si Expression with threshold, attack and release settings. Demonstration with music and visual indication of the noise gate opening and closing.

Gates explained in this video, as an audio gate tutorial, I hope you will learn what is a gate and how to use a noise gate.

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