Audio Patch, Stage Box, Multicore Cable, Analog or Digital and XLR splitter

In this video, I talk about the patch (or patch panel), different types of stage boxes, from the smallest to the largest stage box (8/0 stage box 16/4 stage box 32/8 stage box) I also explain the notion of stage box used as a sub-patch (example with a 12/0 stage box and a stage box fitted with a harting multiconnector) I make the distinction between analog multipair and digital multipair , whether with an optical cable or a standard RJ45 network cable (CAT5E cable fitted with neutrik RJ45 plugs)

I present two soundcraft stage boxes and a yamaha stage box (including the TIO stagebox) I end with the presentation of an audio splitter (xlr splitter) which will allow the audio signal to be splitted (via an audio patch) to the front of house console located in the venue and the monitor console located on stage.

Whether for xlr wiring or sound cable, when we talk about sound wiring, this video should help you in terms of stage wiring.

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